Trix performs common tasks with a simple click, aids productivity

TriX is a one of a kind productivity tool for Windows which brings dozens of commands to your fingertips and performs several simple tasks with a click of a mouse button.

The software is portable and weights only 700KB is size but houses a staggering amount simple tasks and functions. You can perform simple text manipulation (upper case, lower case, sentence case…), search (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, YouTube…), export data (Notepad, MS-Word, MS-Excel…), extract data (emails, links…), encrypt/decrypt files, perform power management operation (shutdown, hibernate, …) and much more.

The program keeps running in the background and a small icon is placed on the system tray. Pressing CTRL + ` evokes the program and a small window is displayed.


You can now choose the command to execute or task to perform from the list with the mouse. Each command or task is also associated with a hotkey and can be executed without displaying the main window. But the sheer amount of functions Trix has, it is humanely impossible to remember all the hotkeys. Using the mouse is the easiest option to use this tool.

The various key binding can also be changed from the program’s settings window which can be accessed from the tray icon.

The following screenshots shows all the tasks and commands that can be found in Trix.

trix (10) trix (1)

trix (2) trix (3)

trix (4) trix (5)

trix (6) trix (7)

trix (8) trix (9)

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