RecycleBinEx – Enhanced Recycle Bin Manager

RecycleBinEx is a software that adds great functionality to the simple designed, poor and neglected Recycle bin of Windows. It extends and enhances the Windows recycle bin, and let you use many extra features that Microsoft never put in.

With RecycleBinEx, you can sort the items in recycle bin – group them according to the deleted time, the logical disk, etc. This allows you to easily select the deleted items which were deleted say one day ago, two days ago, 7 days ago by just one click. You can then restore these items are remove them permanently from bin.


RecycleBinEx can manage all your Windows recycle bins under different Windows Operating Systems together. For example, if you have installed Windows XP and Windows 7 on a single computer, and you are currently logged in on Windows XP, you cannot clean the files you have deleted in Windows 7 system. But with the help of RecycleBinEx, you can. You can manage the deleted items in all Windows recycle bins under one Windows Operating System.


RecycleBinEx can be merged to the context menu of system recycle bin easily. So you no need to run RecycleBinEx every time you want to clean up the items. Just right click the mouse on the icon of Windows recycle bin and click the related menus of RecycleBinEx to do this work.

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