Resize, move, extend, split and merge partitions with Partition Assistant

When Partition Magic was under PowerQuest it was under active development – it was regularly updated and new and useful features were added with every release. Then Symantec purchased the application in 2003, and since then there has not been a new release. On December 2009 Symantec officially announced that it has no plans on continuing the product, not that anybody was expecting the company to revive the project after 6 years.

This is the second popular product Symantec bought for the sole purpose of killing it (the other was Sygate Personal Firewall). Fortunately, several new partition managers have come up to take its place. Recently, another new product has joined in.


On April this year, Aomei Technology released Partition Assistant Home Edition, a freeware edition of the commercial Partition Assistant software, heating up competition in a market where names like Paragon, EASEUS and Partition Wizard are well know.

Partition Assistant Home Edition allows you to manage partition, redistribute disk space easily, and you can use it to perform more complicated partition operations on your hard disk. It can Resize and Move Partition, Extend System Drive, Repartition, Merge, Split Partition and so on.


  • Extend NTFS system partition without restarting computer.
  • Resize and Move partition to optimize disk space management.
  • Merge two or more partitions into a larger one.
  • Split one partition into two or more.
  • Shrink partition to release more unallocated space
  • Create, Delete and Format partition.
  • Convert file system from FAT to NTFS.
  • Wipe permanently sensitive data to anti-recovery.
  • Repartition by drag & drop mouse on a disk panel.
  • Redistribute free space to create new partition

It can support hard disks from size 100MB up to 2TB and as many as 32 physical drives. The software can also be password protected to prevent inexperienced users from messing around with partitions and causing data loss.

This home edition supports 32 bit Windows operating systems including Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. 

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    My copy of Partition Magic did not work when I installed Win 7 Pro 64 bit and I had so many errors when I upgraded from Win XP Pro 32 bit. I did not bother with a freeware version of this software, I just purchased the Pro edition. One of the best investments I have made recently! It works GREAT!

  2. Business Directory Reply

    I agree! Resizing partition means to change the size of a partition as you like, either extend it or shrink it. But when you shrink a partition, you can at most shrink it to the size of its used space so that you can use the partitions with more flexibility. For example, you can store applications or files on any one of the partitions.

  3. Office Cleaning Companies Denver Reply

    I agree! AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition has a lot more options that are out in the open as well as hidden away in menus than many other free partition software tools, but doesn’t let that scare you away.

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