uTFilterManager – RSS filter manager for uTorrent

uTFilterManager is an open source, standalone application that works in conjunction with uTorrent and allows setting up of pre-configured RSS feed filters and managing the same with ease.

uTorrent has an integrated RSS downloader that works similar to uTFilterManager. However, setting up a filter in uTorrent requires a fair bit of knowhow that might be daunting for novice users. There are filters, wildcards, episodes, and not to mention the cryptic parameters one has to set to tell the downloader to avoid downloading certain items.

uTFilterManager makes all this easier, thanks to its predefined profiles for TV, HD and DVDRip. Just choose the desired profile from the drop down list, and the ‘NOT’ settings are automatically populated. Users still have the option to edit filters and other fields for the filter.

The basic steps involved to get uTFilterManager working are these:

Enter the Name and Filter in uTFilterManager, but leave the Save in option blank to automatically set to the default directory uTorrent uses. Now click on the “Add Filter” button at the bottom.


The Current Filters tab will display the filters you applied.


Finally, click on the File menu and select Save. Make sure uTorrent is NOT running when you save it.

This will overwrite the rss.dat file into uTorrent’s working directory. When you restart uTorrent you will find these changes reflected in uTorrent’s RSS downloader.


uTFilterManager runs on all versions of Windows but requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.

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    Hi, Is there a way to edit the filters?

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