What happens when you search ‘world cup’ in Google?

Why is Google the most popular search engine? Because of things like this: type “world cup” in Google and see what it brings.


For comparison, here are the results for the same search on Bing and Yahoo. Clearly, Yahoo is the least imaginative.



On all three instances, the local search was used – Google India, Bing location set to India and Yahoo India.

Apart from bringing the most relevant results, Google also makes a clever change to the logo for some chuckle. Scroll to the bottom of the search page to find this.


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  1. Avi Singh Reply

    Oh Cool….
    No one can beat Google …..
    Though, I have searched "Fifa" many times in Google but never noticed that bottom logo.

  2. Unknown Reply

    Google- The king of Search Engine

  3. Ankit Singh Reply

    Google is best search engine in the world!!!

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