5 best wardrobe management software for managing clothes and accessories

Do you have a hard time deciding what to wear when you go out? Which shirt to wear and which trousers, tie and shoes will go along with it? Then you should try one of these wardrobe managing solutions.

Grab a camera, take pictures of your clothes and create a virtual wardrobe of your actual clothes on your computer. Whenever you need to make a match, instead of rummaging through a physical closet, browse through the virtual closet and pick the most appropriate dress to wear in record time.

Desktop software

HomyFads Clothing Organizer is the best Windows based virtual wardrobe software. With HomyFads Clothing Organizer you can categorize your collection by type, add comments and browse and search through your collections of apparel and accessories. You can tag each item of clothing with all kinds of data – purchase date, color, size, material, cost, location and many more. These data lets you quickly search and sort through your collection. For example, if you wish to wear something white you can just type ‘white’ and get a list of every white items you own.


Online tools

Closet Couture is a virtual closet aimed at women. You upload pictures of your clothes and the site lets you remove the background. You can then try the clothes out on a virtual model. This works with clothes you own and clothes you might want to purchase, so you can mix, match, then buy what you don’t have .


One of its killer feature is that it’s got a network of stylists that can improve your look for a fee. They take a look at your picture and virtual wardrobe and advice you what to wear and buy.

ClosetBank is a no-frills virtual closet for keeping track of your clothes, shoes, and accessories online. Upload photos of your clothes or grab similar images online and create virtual closets. When it’s time to create an outfit, you can select items in your closet and match them with each other.


Online virtual closet like ClosetBank and Closet Couture provide an excellent way to check what you already own when shopping, remember to wear clothes you forgot you even owned, and mix and match styles.

iPhone Apps

TouchCloset is an iPhone/iPod touch app that lets you take your wardrobe to the streets. You upload photos to an online account, organize your closet and put together outfits for different occasions. This is pretty useful when you are shopping. Not sure if you already have the right top to go with those new jeans? Fish out your phone and check on the spot. Price – $0.99.


Pocket Closet is another useful app that turns your iPhone or iPod touch into your personal wardrobe manager. Catalog your clothing and fashion accessories and organize them by different categories. The built-in calendar tracks what you wore in the past and lets you plan what you’ll wear in the future. You can quickly see on which dates you wore a particular outfit. This way you can save yourself from wearing the same outfit too often.


Pocket Closet even lets you share outfit ideas with your friends through email. Your friend doesn’t need to have Pocket Closet or even an iPhone to receive them. If you need suggestions, give your iPhone or iPod touch a quick shake, and Pocket Closet will suggest an outfit for you. Pocket Closet costs $0.99.

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  1. Briana McCall Reply

    They must have changed the price because TouchCloset is now $9.99. 🙁

  2. Anonymous Reply

    You can try Stylish Girl for iPhone and Android. It is FREE!

  3. Anonymous Reply

    What about for a man?

  4. Anonymous Reply

    You can try Personal Closet for Android. It is FREE!

  5. Anonymous Reply

    You can also try pureple.com . It works on both my PC and Mac and on my phone. It's free.

  6. Unknown Reply

    Closet Couture is closed.

  7. Unknown Reply

    Closet Bank is closed as well.

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