Automatically answer incoming Skype calls from selected contacts with Skype Auto Answer

Skype has an auto answer feature that automatically picks up the call whenever an incoming call to your computer is detected. While it does save you a click, auto answer is not an enjoyable option to have as it forces you to accept calls even from your most loathsome contacts.


Skype Auto Answer is a software that makes Skype’s auto answer feature usable by providing you a way to filter the calls.

Before you can use Skype Auto Answer, you must authorize the utility to access Skype by clicking on the Allow button from the Skype window.


After that, a window will open showing you a list of your contacts. Choose the contacts you want Skype to automatically answer calls from and click on the (>>) button to add them to the right window. To remove them, click on the (<<) button. That’s all.


Only those contacts you have added to the list on the right will have their calls automatically answered. All other calls will wait for you to take an action.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    where to get again the skype auto answer setting….

  2. Unknown Reply

    The screenshot, is nothing like what comes up, when downloading the software, No contacts comes up, and the 3 options at the bottom, is gone…

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