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Free download Auslogics BoostSpeed 5 SE [Full Product] is giving away fee copies of Auslogics BoostSpeed 5 SE which normally retails at $49.95. The offer is valid till July 31, 2010. If you wish to grab a copy, jump to the end of the article for instructions. Or just continue reading to know what the software does.

Product description

The new BoostSpeed 5 is your one-stop computer maintenance and optimization tool, providing you with everything you may need to keep your PC running fast. The program will clean up, speed up and repair your system, tweak Windows settings to your liking and protect your privacy.



  • Free up disk space: Release valuable system resources by getting rid of junk files, useless duplicate files, unnecessary applications and startup programs.
  • Fix and defrag the Windows registry: Eliminate structural defects, fix numerous errors and streamline your Windows registry to get a more stable and smoothly running system.
  • Defragment your hard drives: BoostSpeed 5 includes the latest version of our award-winning defragmenter - Disk Defrag 3. It will speed up your computer by optimizing your hard drive's file system.
  • Recover accidentally deleted files: BoostSpeed 5 is now supplied with the File Recovery tool. Use this program to recover accidentally deleted files or files damaged by spyware and computer viruses.
  • Optimize your Internet connection: Inbuilt Internet Optimizer will automatically tune your Internet connection settings to maximize your download and web surfing speed.
  • Tweak Numerous Windows Settings: BoostSpeed 5 allows you to tweak over 280 hidden settings to customize your Windows for your liking and maximize your system's speed.
  • Control your hard drive health and space usage: With two new tools - Disk Doctor and Disk Explorer it will be easy for you to keep your data organized and safe from being lost due to a hard disk failure.
  • Protect your privacy: Use Track Eraser to hide your computer activity traces, so that no one can see which web sites you have visited or which documents you have recently opened.

How to get your free license

1. Register at

2. Login to your account and visit the article page to download.

3. During installation, the installer will ask for a Promo code. Enter CREATIVEMARK0610 as the code.

4. Go to Auslogic registration page. Enter the necessary information and submit the form to receive your free license key.


  1. Always hesitant when using these types of programs.

    Boost Speed really cleans. I checked all the boxes.

    The only item I didn't do was the Internet Optimizer because I use a different program.

    Only one problem--I am sure that one of the non-default boxes I checked resulted in an unintentional cleaning of a tweak in Windows 7.

    It wiped out the Quick Launch taskbar which I prefer along with all of the icons; got the Quick Launch back, but then the icons were sized differently.

    It took about 20 minutes to put everything back in place. But, my gosh, it cleaned out a lot of rubbish (I'm hoping it's rubbish.)

    I checked a number of other programs to make sure I hadn't unintentionally wiped out a necessary file: Xampp Server still fine; MS Office 2007 fine; I figure that was enough of a test because other cleaner/optimizers invariably delete necessary files for those two programs--usually an unused file extension delete, but the file is used.


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