Google Reader Play on Windows 7 Media Center

Sometime ago Google introduced a new way to read Google Reader – Google Reader Play. On Google Reader Play you can browse the news in slideshows, view pictures and videos and read popular stories in comforting white text over black. Unfortunately, you can’t use Google Reader Play to read your subscription, only stories recommended by some algorithm which limits it’s usefulness, if any.

Google Reader Play’s 10 foot interface, however, makes it an excellent aggregator to run on your living room HDTV. The GoogleReader MCE plug-in for Windows 7 Media Center makes this possible.

Using it is no brainer. After installing the plug-in, open Windows 7 Media Center and open Extras. Now click on the Google Reader Play icon to launch it.


You will get a message saying the site isn’t designed for WMC. Just ignore it. Check the box Don’t ask me this again and click on the View Now button. Now click on the Get Started button to start browsing.


You can select what type of content you wish to see by clicking a button on the toolbar.


If you login to your Google account, you are able to retrieve stories you shared, starred or liked. You can also share and star new stories from the interface.

[via HowtoGeek]

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