How to embed a font in Word document or PowerPoint slide

When you create a Word document or a PowerPoint presentation on a computer that uses a particular set of fonts, those fonts may not look the same when you open the same document on another computer that has different fonts installed.

You can solve this problem by embedding the fonts in the Word document or PowerPoint presentation. Microsoft Word and PowerPoint supports embedding of fonts that do not have license restrictions that prevent embedding.

To embed a TrueType font in a Word document follow these steps:

Word 2007 users

1. Click on the Microsoft Office Button at the top-left and choose “Word Options”.


2. Click the Save section and select the Embed TrueType fonts check box.


Word 2003 users

1. On the Tools menu, click Options.

2. Click the Save tab and select the Embed TrueType fonts check box.

The embedded font will cause the file size to increase by approximately the size of the TrueType font (.ttf) file. If keeping the document size low is important, you can embed fonts of only those characters used in the document, rather than the entire character set. This option is shown checked in the screenshot above.

When you open a document that has embedded fonts on a computer that is different from the computer where the document was created, the behavior of the embedded fonts depends on the embedding license level of the fonts.

  • If the font is restricted to either the Print or the Preview views, you cannot edit the document on another computer other than a computer where the font is installed on the system.
  • If the font is licensed as installable, the font may be permanently installed for use in other documents and programs.
  • If the font is licensed as editable, the font is temporarily available for use in other documents and programs while the document that contains the embedded font is open.

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