A Progress Bar for your Work Day

Do you frequently keep checking your watch to see how many hours are left before you can finally call it a day, pack your things and go home? Well, why not have a progress bar like the ones that appear when installing stuff on the computer?

My Progress is a JavaScript based progress bar that crawls infinitesimally throughout your work day and tells you, at a glance, how much of your day is done and how many hours are left. Just set the start and end time to begin. Keep it running in a browser tab, for reference, while you slog through your daily schedule in a sad cubicle.


If you start getting weird looks from your co-workers, turn on the “disguise mode” and it will change it’s appearance into something serious.


If you wish to download My Progress bar for offline use, head over to this progress bar which was put together by a Reddit user and save the page. Simply open the saved page in a browser whenever you need to run it. All necessary codes are embedded on the page allowing the progress bar to run without an Internet connection.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    In context of Computer programming, its never 'Codes', its always 'Code'.

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