Remove your ex-partner from the Internet with Ex-Blocker

You can’t remove your ex from your past or erase them from your memory, but thanks to the wonders of technology, you can definitely delete them from the Internet.

Ex-Blocker is a plugin for Firefox and Chrome browser that removes all traces of your exes from Twitter, Facebook, Google search results, blogs and essentially any page where they are mentioned. It totally nukes them out of existence, from the entire Internet.

All you have to do is supply the first name, last name, Twitter handle, Facebook profile link and blog URL if any, to Ex-Blocker and download and install the plug-in. After that, any occurrence of your ex’s name on any page will be wiped clean from the page.



This is a wonderful idea to block not only your ex but any obnoxious celebrity you are tired of reading about. If only Ex-Blocker allowed more than four names, I could have get rid of them in droves.

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