Rich text signatures comes to Gmail

Those who were waiting to get nice, formatted and colorful signatures on your outgoing Gmail emails, wait no more because Google just enabled that feature on your account.

Just visit the Settings page on your Gmail account and look over at the signature section, you’ll see a rich text editor. Here, you can customize your signature by adding pretty formatting, links, and images.


Gmail also now supports a unique signature for each email address associated with your account. So, if you send mail using a custom "From:" address, you can use a different signature for that address. From the Settings page, you can edit the signature for each account by changing the email address that appears in the dropdown menu.

Currently, only the latest desktop version of Gmail supports rich text signatures and multiple signatures. The older version and HTML version of Gmail, along with the mobile versions, use a plain text version of your primary account’s signature.

Want even more control on your signature? Try Wisestamp.

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  1. Harsh Agrawal Reply

    This is really nice feature added by Gmail team
    Earlier I used to use Wisestamp which is a great addon for the same. Though I believe using different signature for multiple account is going to be super handy for many.
    Have you used Wisestamp? Which one you would suggest/ WiseStamp or this official Gmail signature?

  2. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    The advantage of GMail sigs is that you don't need to use a specific browser with a specific addon installed.

    But feature wise, Wisestamp easily beats GMail signature. If you are looking to embed blog feeds and other dynamic content into your signature, you can do that with only Wisestamp.

  3. Nic531 Reply

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