Save bookmarks in Firefox by date with DSBMarks

DSBMarks is an add-on for Firefox that lets you save your bookmarks in a different way. Rather than organizing them by folders, DSBMarks automatically creates a date based hierarchy to sort your new bookmarks.

Once you install the add-on, a Bookmark icon appears in Firefox’s status bar:


When you decide to bookmark a particular page by date, click on this icon and you will get a pop-up message confirming the action. Your new bookmark can be found under the bookmark menu nested under several folders one each for year, month and date. For instance, if I bookmark a page today (22/7/2010) my bookmark will go under 2010 > 07 > 22.


The best part about DSBMarks is that doesn’t replaces your current bookmark system – you can use both simultaneously. If you bookmark a page normally, it will be stored in the default way Firefox handles bookmarks. When you click on the bookmark icon in the status bar the bookmark gets added by date. Use whichever one you prefer.

[via Firefox Facts]

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