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Sound Alert when Internet disconnects with NetSNSOR

Ever set a movie to download, turned off your monitor and came back an hour later equipped with a bag of popcorns only to find the download had aborted 10 minutes after it started because the Internet connection got reset? Probably happens all the time – Murphy’s law.

So how do you find out when the Internet connection goes out? The answer is NetSNSOR, a software application that keeps checking the Internet connection at regular intervals and if found disconnected, plays a sound file of your choice. You can set that to a blaring horn.

To get this thing working requires a little work.

1. Run the executable file NetSNSOR and open the tab “Enter Details”.

2. Enter the location of the file NetStart.bat (included with the program) in the first box, enter location of a WAV file to play in the second box and set the interval to check in minutes in the third box.


3. Click Save.

4. Now open the program’s folder and open the batch file NetStart.bat in Notepad.


5. Replace “connectionName” with the name of your PPoE connection shortcut. Replace “username” and “password” with the appropriate ones.

6. Save the batch file.

7. Go back to NetSNSOR and click on Start/Stop button. Done.


When NetSNSOR detects no Internet connection, it will sound an alarm and also execute the file NetStart.bat which will attempt to re-connect by using the username/password combination you provided. Test it to see if it works by deliberately disconnecting your connection.

Enjoy a worry-free download.


  1. You need to set the NetStart.bat file in the first text box.

    that whenever your internet disconnects, NetSNSOR will automatically connect it.

  2. Hmm... I knew something was amiss. Thanks for filling it in. The post has been updated.

  3. Does it work with wireless network connections?
    For example, I connect to the internet via my wireless router, my wireless network name is HOMENET. So, when there's no internet will the program do the job?

    Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit

  4. yes
    NetSNSOR will always, and without fail, detect if you have internet connection or not.

  5. no sound plays .it says unable to plat given wav file

  6. anyone know how you stop the music playing, stop /start doesn't do it?

  7. The lowest interval of checking is 1 minute. Not low enough for what I want to do.
    I need a program to sense when it has or doesn't have internet immediately.
    I tried 0.10 but it only wants whole numbers in minutes. :(


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