Sunbelt Software launches CloudClear, a DNS server with malware protection

Security software publisher Sunbelt Software unveiled a new DNS service called ClearCloud that provides an extra layer of security for web surfers by blocking known malware sites.

Sunbelt Software actively monitors the web, processing 100,000 to 1 million samples a day and looking for nasty websites and programs. Any bad web addresses found are compiled and uploaded to ClearCloud servers around the world several times a day.

All DNS requests sent to ClearCloud are checked to ensure no nasty websites or programs get through to the users. Using ClearCloud DNS service ensures round the clock protection from the most recent malware sites.

To use ClearCloud, simply change the DNS server addresses on your computer or router to these: and 

I did a speed comparison test between ClearCloud, OpenDNS, Norton DNS and Google Public DNS using NameServer. Here are the results.


[via Download Squad]

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