Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 offline installer

live-essential Microsoft always offers the Live Essential suit in the form of web install. But some of us prefer to keep an offline installer – it’s faster and saves bandwidth if you need to reinstall it or install on multiple computers.

Website LiveSide has managed to sniff out the download links of the complete Live Essentials Wave 4 Beta suit hidden on Microsoft’s servers. The download weighs at about 168MB, and is exactly the same version as offered via the web installer.

Direct download links of offline installers for available languages

Brazilian Portuguese (Português Brasil)
Dutch (Nederlands)
French (français)
Japanese (日本語)
Simplified Chinese (简体中文)
Spanish (Español)

According to the website, these are the only languages available. If you want to know if installers for other languages are available, it’s easy to check. Just replace the two letters for your country in the URL. For example, replace “en” in the download URL with your country letter, say “Ja” for Japan.

So this

becomes this

If the installer exist, the download will start, otherwise nothing will happen or you will get Not Found error message.

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  1. Shatimi Reply

    Wait, you want to tell, there is already a FINAL version of WLE Wave 4?

  2. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    No, this is beta.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    thanks you for making this available for all of us

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