5 short links for today #41

1. Inception Infographic: If you had trouble understanding and keeping track of the various dream levels in the movie, this infographic will alleviate your problems. And while you are at it, see these awesome Inception Lego recreation.

2. deviantART Muro! is an HTML5 powered web based drawing tool. Some deviantART members have created exceptional illustrations with this tool.

3. SomethingStore is a fun website that lets you surprise yourself with gifts. Just pay $10 and the site will ship to you an item that is worth exactly $10, but it can be anything. You will find out what only when you receive it. Sounds fun.

4. Gail.com: What happens when you own a domain name that differs in name from a popular one by a single letter? (Hint: G_ail.com) You receive 5000 hits a day from mistyped URLs.

5. Why Free Plans Don’t Work: An insightful article on why the “freemium” model might not work for every business. If you are planning on a startup or already own one, this is a must read for you.

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