Age of Empires goes Online

One of the most beloved role playing game, Age of Empires, is back. Microsoft announced this at Gamescom, a large conference held in Cologne, Germany. This new game is called Age of Empires Online and, as the name suggests, will be played through the internet.


Neowin reports:

Age of Empires Online will see some new features added to the franchise, some only possible because it’s an online game. One main feature will be persistent game play which allows a user’s capital city to live and grow even when the user is offline, this could make for some very interesting game play and perhaps a more immersive game that doesn’t require constant input. Other notable features are “cooperative multiplayer quests, trading, and a level-based system that lets you progress at your own pace”, the social elements of the game will require the user to have a Games for Windows Live Gamertag. The game also features levelling up and quests for users to carry out.

A website has already been set up showing the features and images of the game and has a video of some brief game play. From the images and video it can be seen that this new game will take on a cartoon like look which might appeal more to casual gamers than hard core ones.

Currently the game is in testing and is named Project S; it is possible to request access to the beta through Microsoft Connect (Games for Windows Live Gamertag is required).  The game will be free to play when launched, however there has been no time scale for when the game is likely to be released.

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