Automatically delete/move files older than a specified time with Cyber-D's Autodelete

Cyber-D’s Autodelete is a powerful little program that does what it says – automatically delete files that are older than a specified number of days in a specific folder. It can also move old files to a different location.

Cyber-D’s Autodelete can determine the age of the file by file creation date, access date or modification date. These options are available when you add folders to the program for monitoring. You can add exception rules to the program using wildcard according to which the program will either skip or delete files or folders that matches your rules. Cyber-D’s Autodelete can delete files in recursive folders and can also remove empty folders.


Be very wary of what folders you add and what rules you set. If used incorrectly, Cyber-D’s Autodelete could be a disaster. If you want, you can take the safe route of deleting files to the recycle bin instead of deleting them permanently. This is the default option, anyway. There is an even safer way – have them moved to a different directory and manually delete the ones you are sure you don’t need. The program will keep a log of deleted files, if you tell it to. It’s a good practice to keep logs.

Cyber-D’s Autodelete is a handy and free alternative for keeping your computer free of temporary and junk files. You can have it run on every Windows startup to delete old temp files, backups, webcam snapshots history, temporary internet files, etc.

[via Lockergnome]

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