CCleaner Enhancer adds support for 270 new apps to CCleaner

CCleaner is the most popular file cleaning software for Windows to be ever written. CCleaner’s success perhaps lies in its simplicity and also effectiveness in the cleaning operations. But out of the box support for CCleaner is limited. The application can only remove temporary files from Windows and file usage history from a limited collection of browsers and media players. This is where CCleaner Enhancer comes into play.

CCleaner Enhancer is extremely small, about 250 KB in weight, and has to be used only once to download new cleaning rules for your pre-installed copy of CCleaner. Once you have hit on the Download Latest button and it has completed downloading the rules, open CCleaner and you will see the list of newly supported applications. There are 270 of them.


Note that only programs that are installed on your computer are shown under the Applications tab. Programs that are not installed are not visible even if they are supported.

The website for CCleaner Enhancer is currently down, so you can download the application from MajorGeeks.

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