CleanHaven: Easy way to cleanup badly formatted text

If you find yourself with a task of cleaning up large amount of text that were typed by a nincompoop, you will discover that a typical word processor proves inadequate. Sure, you will get lots of red wriggly lines but you have to tackle each of them individually. And word processors do not format text by its own. You have to do that too.

CleanHaven is a clever program that makes text cleaning operations much easier. All you have to do is copy and paste the text into the program window, choose the text manipulation you want to perform and click the Clean button. A preview of the results will appear in the Cleaned Results window allowing you to adjust the settings until the text appears right.


CleanHaven can change case of text, such as begin every sentence with UPPERCASE or make every word begin with UPPERCASE, remove trailing space after a full stop, remove excessive space between words, change simple quotes into curly quotes, remove empty lines, remove non-numbers or non-letters or non-ASCII characters, correct punctuations, remove duplicates and so on.

It can combine columns and paragraphs and sort an inserted list by ascending, descending or numerical order; format phone numbers into the standard format and format UK postcodes into a tab-delimited list. CleanHaven also has a find and replace tool.

Other useful feature includes a frequency counter which counts the frequency of occurrence of different words in the text, and ‘text information’ which provides a summary of the entered text – number of words, characters, spaces, returns etc, which can be useful if you want to carry some sort of statistical analysis on the text. CleanHaven also has a spell checker, which is broken, unfortunately.

The software is free and is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

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