CU3OX: Attractive 3D Flash slideshow maker

CU3OX is a free and attractive Flash image slideshow creating software using which you can create fancy Flash slideshows for your website or blog. The software features a rather unique 3D transition effect – the images are sliced, rotated, bounced and then joined together to form an image. The Flash banner on CU3OX’s homepage provides enough clues on what the software has got in store. Do check it out.

Did you see it? Impressive, isn’t it? Well, the equally impressive thing is you don’t need to have any professional skills in Flash, HTML, CSS and Javascript to create them. The software’s point and click interface allows you to put together a quick slideshow within minutes. Just add a collection of images to CU3OX, specify the description, adjust transition properties for each image and you are good to go. And because CU3OX doesn’t produce a hard coded Flash movie with embedded images, editing the slideshow and adding or deleting new slides is easy as well.


CU3OX’s main attraction are those cool effects you saw on the homepage. Apart from the up/down and left/right movements, there are more than 40 different transition behaviors (tweens) with nice effects like elasticity and bounce. Further, you get to tweak the number of segments, slide transition time, segment transition delay, distance between each segment and the z-distance (depth).

When you save a Flash gallery CU3OX creates a bunch of files that includes of a SWF file, an XML configuration file in which the paths to the existing images and settings are defined and an image folder. You just need to upload the whole pack to your web server to get a functional Flash slideshow. You can also publish the 3D Flash Gallery directly to the Internet via a built-in FTP client and add the HTML embed code on your website or blog.


Here are some of the other features of CU3OX

  • Add unlimited number of images
  • Add images directly from Flickr, Photobucket or Picasa
  • Add hyperlinks in image description.
  • Adjust font, size and color
  • Add watermark to images
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