Forget the Facebook Dislike button. Here is the Meh button

Not long after Facebook introduced the Like button, one developer created the Dislike button for Facebook in the form of a Firefox addon. This became very popular, if we were to judge by numbers. More than 3 million Facebook users are rooting for the Dislike button at the time of this writing. But what if you neither like nor dislike something? There should be a third button, one that expresses your apathy.

A reader of a fairly well known pop culture blog BoingBoing has proposed the Meh button.


Inspired by the BoingBoing article, PubNub promptly created a Meh button – ready to install in your websites. The Facebook "Meh" Button is open source, built using PubNub, a JavaScript API, and hosted on Google Apps Engine.


But will you care enough to click the Meh button?

[via TheNextWeb]

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    haha this is funny.., but if you neither like / dislike something, wouldnt it be easier to just not click one, lol

  2. Hexicle Reply

    It's your fault for being too logical and intelligent.
    You didn't know?
    Don't you know what comments forms are for?
    People wasting their lives on useless debates and arguments.
    Why use a Meh button?
    Well people are wasting their lives, why should I waste mine on a Meh button?

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Letting someone know that his/her mediocre postings have about as much weight as a fart in windstorm is what this country needs. Otherwise I might as well be a stuck in this slice of cultural void where the deepest thoughts around are found on the back of a car's rear bumper forever.

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