Get rid of Outlook Blocked Access to my Attachments message

When you try to open a file attachment in an email in Microsoft Outlook, Outlook may block access to the link. When that happens, you receive a message like this: “Outlook blocked access to the following potentially unsafe attachments.”


Microsoft Outlook by default blocks several file extensions that has the potential to cause harm to your system if sent with malicious intent. These include executable files like EXE and COM, batch files BAT, registry file REG, shortcuts LNK, Visual Basic scripts VBS, autorun files INF etc. But sometimes you need to download these files. Your friend may have sent you a program (EXE file) or a script (VBS) you are both working on.

Outlook Security Configurator is a free tool that solves this problem. The program allow you to set rules for Microsoft Outlook on which attachment to block and which to allow. Simply run the program’s executable file and choose the file extension you wish to allow and add them to the allow filter. Then click on Apply, and you are done.


Wasn’t that simple?

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