GLMixer: Real-time graphics mixing software for live video performance

GLMixer is a free and unique real-time graphics mixing software ideal for live video performances, such as a live broadcast of an event, a stage performance or a presentation. GLMixer can intermix a number of videos and images and allows the user to manipulate and edit them on the fly.

You load a set of videos, either video files saved on a disk or videos streaming live from a camera or webcam, and decide in real time how they should be visible on the screen. A simple example would be to load four videos and arrange them on a grid so that all four of them are playing and visible at the same time. You can try even more complex arrangements like overlap them over each other and adjust the transparency, overlap only a part of the video, move a video “out of the screen” to show only a section, rotate, resize and zoom into the videos.


You can apply different effects like adjust saturation, brightness, color, adjust alpha channel, apply a mask, add noise, apply filters like emboss, sharpen, blur and invert. You can also group several videos together and work on them at the same time.

Different editing views like Mixing view, Geometry view and a 3D Layers view makes video mixing intuitive. Each of the 3 views allows you to dynamically and easily manipulate one or multiple sources in a different way.

The output of your operations are shown in real time in a separate rendering window, which should ideally be displayed full-screen on an external monitor or in a projector. Unlike with video-editing software, GLMixer applies the effects and operations in real-time. It cannot save a performance as a video because this would be too slow. The sound in the video sources also is ignored.

With GLMixer you can now organize your own live event and control how to display videos captured from multiple cameras on the screen. It’s fun and with a price like that, it’s hard to say no.

GLMixer is free, open source and multi-platform. Installers are available for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms.

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    First time hears about GLmixer.I was looking for a graphics mixing software.Thanks for sharing.

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    nice mixing

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