Friday, August 20, 2010

New Opera 10.70 build has content blocker synchronization


Opera Software has just released a new Opera 10.70 snapshot for Windows, Linux and Mac users. The new release, which has a build number of 3488, made accessing your list of URLs blocked through content blocker from any computer easy by adding the synchronization functionality to it.

“It has been a while since we added something to Opera Link, but with this "10.70" snapshot, we are introducing synchronization of the content blocker. This makes it easy to build and maintain a list of blocked items anywhere you go,” Opera Desktop team wrote in their blog.

However, Opera 10.70 is a pre-release software that comes with several issues. As such, users wishing to test drive the new functionality should exercise caution when using the browser. There is also a known bug with this build which causes failure of synchronization for existing URLs.

“If you already have a list of blocked URLs before enabling synchronization, you might have to add a URL to the block list through the content blocker for synchronization to start working after logging in to Opera Link,” the blog post says.


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