SlimPDF is the smallest and lightest PDF reader around

We want our computers fast and powerful, yet prefer to run light and easy application and bicker when any software consume resources larger than what we perceive to be appropriate. A strange attitude, perhaps an artifact from those days when processing power were expensive. Whatever, SlimPDF fits right into this trend.

It’s the newest kid in town that boast of the smallest installer size. It is indeed small and light on resources but lacks many features when compared to professional PDF readers, even the free ones.


SlimPDF opens PDF files, even heavy ones, in a zip, no doubt. But once it opens there is very little you can do to adjust the reader into a comfortable reading tool. For instance, there is no bookmarks view, no option to open multiple pages size by side, no continuous scrolling,  no ‘Hand tool’ to scroll pages using mouse and no image extracting tool. You can ignore the last one but the reset are unforgivable.

I don’t see myself moving from Foxit to SlimPDF, but if a few megabytes matter to you, you will certainly gain by using SlimPDF.

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