Startup Guard: Get alerted of new startup entries

Some software on installation tries to add an entry to Windows list of auto start programs so that the program would launch automatically every time Windows start. Some of these programs have the courtesy to ask the user whether they would like that, but most programs do not share these good traits. If you install software frequently but do not review your startup entries through the Msconfig utility, you will find that a large number of these programs are happily sitting in your system tray and consuming resources like uninvited guests.


Startup Guard is tool that helps you tackle such sneaky programs. The software runs in the system tray and alerts you whenever a new program is set to start automatically with Windows. On the first run, the program prompts you to check the current entries and either allow it to remain or remove it. If you are unsure about a program, Startup Guard provides you links to search for it on the web. 

Once you have reviewed your startup entries, Startup Guard will keep watch from the system tray and alert you in real time whenever a new program is added to startup. You can then promptly remove the program or allow it.


Now you must be thinking – oh well, another program to add to startup to fend off other auto start programs. What an irony. Actually, this is not how the software operates. Startup Guard is a software that follows what it preaches. The program offers you three choices on how you want the program to run. One option is to keep the program running at all times. The second option is to run the program each time Windows starts, check the startup entries for new programs and then exit. And the third option is to run once per day check the startup entries and then exit. If you choose the last two options, you won’t get real time notification.

Startup Guard is wonderful. And if messed up and deleted some important file from startup area you can always undo delete. Startup Guard allows you to undo any delete within any period of time.

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