Monday, September 13, 2010

Chrome extension brings ‘Instant’ search to Wikipedia, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook and more


Google Instant has inspired many to create ‘instant’ search engines for popular websites like YouTube, Google Maps and Google Images. YouTube has at least two variations of it.

A new Chrome extension has been spotted in the wild that brings real time search results from up to 15 popular websites and sources, all in one page.


When used from any other browser, the new search tool called Ozone shows results from 5 sources – Google, Amazon, Netflix, Wikipedia and YouTube. Users who install the Chrome extension can expand the reach of their search to 10 more sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Delicious, Apple, Quora, Fanvibe, Gmail, as well as Chrome bookmarks and history.

Which online service will be ‘instantized’ next?

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  1. There's also an extension for Instant youTube search:


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