‘Chromoting’ lands in Google Chrome. Your browser is now the operating system

Over the last few years the browser has become the predominant application on your computer – it’s importance has started to eclipse the operating system itself. Many people feel that the browser is going to completely replace the operating system in the future. At the spearhead of this revolution has to be Google with their enthusiastic Google Chrome based Chromium OS which is slowly taking shape.

A few months ago, reports began circulating the web about a new feature in the upcoming Chrome OS called "chromoting" – essentially derived from a mash-up of "Chrome" and "remoting". A Google software engineer, Gary Kacmarcík, confirmed the existence of chromoting in a Google Group discussion. Gary Kacmarcík explained that Chromoting will allow users to run legacy PC applications right within the browser, something like Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection.

Chrome OS will provide a remote desktop connection back to a computer running Windows, maybe even Linux or Mac, and access applications running on it. It might even plug into the cloud and access applications from some sort of a repository.


While this was all supposed to be for Chrome OS, the Google’s Chromium engineering team has now pushed this feature into the latest build of the Chrome browser. The feature is currently available in the latest Chrome Canary build and appears under the “about:labs” section, which was introduced recently to Google Chrome as a way of testing experimental features.

After you enable Remoting and restart the browser you’ll see a new entry in the Wrench menu called "Set Up Remoting." Clicking on the entry will open a pop-up window asking for your Google account credentials.


For now, this doesn’t lead to anywhere. At this point it is unsure whether this is going to be a full-fledged browser option or if they are just testing to see if it works in Chromium. For some reason, Google is not willing to talk about this feature publicly too much.

[via The Chrome Source]

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    I've just installed Chrome Canary and in the Wrench menu there is no such feature "Setup remoting"! Don't know where you come up with that!

  2. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    You have to enable it first under about:labs?

  3. Anonymous Reply

    The reason that I've mentioned that there is no feature such as "Setup remoting" is because there was no way I could enable it from "about:labs"… it just was any feature as such. Why? I just later on realized that unless you restart your COMPUTER – NOT JUST THE BROWSER ITSELF – there is nothing you could enable in "about:labs"!
    Obviously now I am able to enable it from "about:labs" after a computer restart, but there is another problem – presumably since this feature is in testings and by selecting "Setup remoting" and trying to log in with any of my two gmail accounts none of them is recognized and consequently there is no way I can get in to any of my two accounts! So for the time being it's useless the activation of this feature since Google stopped this feature at the half of the road.
    Further more this feature of "Setup remoting" can be enabled as well in Google Chrome 7 browser and not only in Google Chrome Canary Build. Shouldn't have known the author of this article that this feature can also be enabled in Google Chrome 7 aside from Google Chrome Canary Build?! For me it's just a lack of thorough documentation from him prior posting this article!

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