Customize appearance of any webpage in Chrome with Stylebot

Stylebot is a Stylish like extension for Google Chrome browser that allows you to quickly customize the appearance of any website or webpage and make it adaptable to your taste. The customization made to the page can be saved so that they are automatically applied every time the page or website is visited.

You start by clicking on the CSS icon that appears on the address bar of supported web pages. Clicking on the button launches a pane from where one can can edit the appearance of the page. You can select any element on the page using the mouse and adjust different styles for that element from the edit pane. The pane contains different CSS styling elements – text fonts, size, color, line height, letter spacing, border, margin, padding, and visibility.


All the styles are applied in real time allowing you to see how the page looks as you play around with the style parameters. Once you are done with editing you can save the edits. If you like to code the CSS manually, you can do that too by switching to the Advanced mode.

The extension also incorporates an experimental synchronization feature that allows you to sync your custom styles across multiple computers. To use this feature, you need to enable Bookmark sync and then click on the ‘Enable Sync’ button on Stylebot’s option page.

Apart from making your own styles, you can use any of the thousands of CSS-based styles already available at Stylebot is compatible with Stylish userstyles.

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