Download and backup Windows Live Space blog to your computer

Microsoft has announced that they would shutdown their blogging platform Windows Live Spaces and migrate all users to WordPress, which is not exactly a bad move as Live Spaces was a limited blogging platform.

The 30 million bloggers of Windows Live Space will be now promoted to migrate their blog to WordPress when they login to their account. The WordPress support team has set up a page detailing the steps required to make the migration. But before you make the move, I would suggest downloading your entire blog to the hard disk for backup, just to be on the safe side.

LSSaver is a simple tool that makes this easy.


Just enter your Live Space username and click on the Get button to retrieve all blog entries. You can then browse through the tree structure and choose the entries you want to download. Once a blog entry is checked, it’s content will appear on the right part of the window. This allows you to view the entry to make sure it is the one you wish to backup.

To save the selected blogs, you simply click the Save button.

There are a few limitations:

  • Your blog must have Public access as login with password is not supported. You can temporarily grant Public access to your blog, save it with LSSaver and then reset the access.
  • You cannot select blog comments, all comments of a post are saved together if the post is saved.
  • Currently, only HTML format is support as saved file.
  • The tool does not support saving of albums and photos.
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