FreshStart: The nicest session manager for Chrome

There are a couple of Chrome extensions that let you save and restore browsing sessions. FreshStart is the best one that I could find. What makes FreshStart better is its customizability.

To save a browsing session, click on the FreshStart icon in the toolbar to bring up the session manager window. Here you can select the tabs you wish to save and name the session. The date and time of the session are automatically imprinted allowing you to easily identify saved sessions later.


FreshStart allows you to edit a session after you have saved it. Just hover the mouse pointer over a saved session from the ‘Restore session’ window and three little icons will appear on the lower right corner. These buttons let you edit, export or remove a saved session.

FreshStart supports session exporting and importing, although the process is a bit crude. To export any session click the export button to reveal the session information in plain text. You have to copy this text and save it somewhere. When importing a session you have to copy this text back into FreshStart. This way you can move sessions in and out between multiple computers.


Last, but not the least, FreshStart has a crash recovery option that will automatically restore your last browsing session after a browser crash. The default session saving time is set to 5 minutes, but you can choose your own time interval.

If you are using another session saver for Chrome, I recommend you switch to FreshStart.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    But how to save a backup of your sessions?
    thanks in advance

  2. Anonymous Reply

    To backup you have to:
    1. Hover your mouse pointer over the session you want to backup and click on the button of a blank page with a green arrow (backup).
    2. Copy the text and paste it on a txt file.
    3. Save the text file with the name you want (Freshstart-backup-number1, for example).
    Finally, you have to repeat the process with every session you want to backup. I know it's tedious if you have a lot of sessions, but I don't know another way of doing this.

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