Google Translate's Conversation Mode

Google showed off a new application that translates conversations on Android mobiles at a recent conference in Germany. Instead of typing the text you want to translate, you can just speak it and Google will convert speech into text, translate the text and use text-to-speech to output the result. This enables two people to have an almost live conversation even if they speak different languages.

In the demonstration, Google employees held a conversation over two Android mobiles with one person speaking German and the other English. The application is in a very early stage but worked almost flawlessly, with only a few sentences needing to be repeated. The potential for the application is indeed huge.

Although the results aren’t always great, as both technology – machine translation and text-to-speech and vice versa – are known to deliver unexpected output. Google Translate’s conversation mode is expected to be released in a few months.

[via Google Operating System]

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