Internet Explorer 9 keyboard shortcuts

Microsoft released the first beta of Internet Explorer 9 just a few hours ago. The entire Internet is abuzz with it – reviews, demos and benchmarks from bloggers are streaming in hard and fast. The first impression has been very positive.

Internet_Explorer_9_Icon_by_Misaki2009Internet Explorer 9 has a completely overhauled graphical user interface. The URL field and search box has been merged, and tabs and the URL box shares the same toolbar space. Menu items are hidden by default and so is the status bar. With so many graphical elements either hidden or removed, it is impossible to navigate around without knowing keyboard shortcuts.

Given below are some of the keyboard shortcuts that makes using IE9 easier.

Ctrl + T : New Tab
Ctrl + Click : Open link in new tab
Ctrl + K : Duplicate Tab
Ctrl + Tab or Ctrl + Shift + Tab : Switch between tabs
Ctrl + (1 to 8) : Switch to a specific tab corresponding to the tab number
Ctrl + 9 : Switch to last tab
Ctrl + Alt + F4 : Close other tabs
Ctrl + W : Close Tab
Ctrl + N : New Window
Ctrl + Q : Quick Tabs

Alt + Left arrow : Back
Alt + Right arrow : Forward
Alt + D : Highlight Address bar
Esc : Stop loading page
F5 : Refresh page
Ctrl + F : Find On this Page
F4 : Display list of typed addresses
Ctrl + Enter : Add www. and .com to your typed address
Ctrl + E : Highlight Search box
Alt + Enter : Open search query in a new tab

Alt : Temporarily show the menu bar. After the selection menu bar goes away.
Alt+C : View favorites, feeds, and browsing history.
Alt+X : Open Tools menu
Ctrl+J : Open Download Manager.

Ctrl + – (minus sign) : Zoom in
Ctrl + + (plus sign) : Zoom out
Ctrl + 0 (zero) : Reset zoom level

F11 : Full screen
F7 : Caret Browsing

Ctrl + Shift + Del : Delete Browsing History

Ctrl + Shift + P : InPrivate Browsing
Ctrl + Shift + F : InPrivate Filtering

F12 : Developer tools

Alt+5 : Force IE 5 rendering mode
Alt+7 : Force IE 7 rendering mode
Alt+8: Force IE8 rendering mode
Alt+9 : Force IE9 rendering mode
Alt+0 : Reset document mode to the page default

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