LongoMatch: Free sports video analysis software

In high-level sport, the use of new technologies to improve the performance of a team or an athlete is becoming increasingly common. In team sports with a high tactical component, such as hockey, basketball and rugby, coaches and players often use videos to analyze the game of the opposing team and their own, in an effort to raise the game to the highest possible standard.

Currently, several such software are available, but these are expensive. Most local clubs cannot afford such products, and till now no alternate solutions were available. LongoMatch is the first such project that offers a free solution for the study and analysis of sports videos.


LongoMatch is a unique tool designed to facilitate video analysis of sporting events. Its function is to help coaches make technical or tactical study of a match, marking the moves of interest and group by category. With a simple click, a coach can visualize any play of the game that was previously added to the database, can finely adjust the start and end time of each.

Using LongoMatch, an analyst can tag any video position with an annotation such as red card, yellow card, corner, penalty or anything. These can be then organized by groups according to their tags and the lead and lag time of each play adjusted frame by frame through a timeline. It also has support for playlists, an easy way to create presentations with plays from different games and provides a video editor to render new videos with your favorite ones.

LongMatch can be used with any sports – football, hockey, baseball, basketball and so on. Even if it is primary focused to sports, LongoMatch can be used for any task that requires tagging and reviewing segments of a video file, and can be applied to fields like cinema, medics or conferences.


  • Unlimited number of tagging categories to group plays
  • Capture from DV camera
  • Live analysis from a DV camera or a fake source
  • Tags plays by categories, sub-categories or players
  • Projects based on templates, customizable for different kind of analysis and sport
  • Specialised video player with frame stepping support and adjustable play rate
  • One-click review
  • Tiemeline to change visually the lead and lag time of each play with a frame precision
  • Drawing tool
  • Playlists support
  • Video editor to export playlists to new videos in different formats
  • Export plays to png images with a variable frame rate
  • Export projects to CSV files for statistics analysis
  • Support for the most common video formats
  • Multiplatform (Linux, FreeBSD, Windows,…)
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