Make Google Instant work in Opera

As you might have already heard, Google today introduced a new search enhancement feature called Google Instant that displayed search results even before you type. According to the announcement, Google Instant requires Chrome 5, Firefox 3, Safari 5 for Mac and Internet Explorer 8 to work, which made me believe that Opera was lacking in some feature because of which it was unable to run Google Instant.

This didn’t surprise me because a lot Google services doesn’t play nice with Opera. But I was astonished to learn that Google Instant does work, and perfectly, with Opera if you change Opera’s browser User Agent to Firefox!

This means that Google is blocking Opera from Google Instant not because of compatibility issues but by design. This is scandalous. I wonder if Google is deliberately breaking the code it serves to Opera for other Google services as well. And why?

Anyways, here is how to change the browser user agent in Opera:

  1. Open
  2. Right click on the page and choose Edit Site Preferences
  3. Click on the Network tab. Under Browser Identification, choose Identify as Firefox.
  4. Press OK to save.

Now you can use Google Instant in Opera.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    well that blocking thing is plane rude

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