Splashtop Remote brings full Windows experience to the iPad

Wouldn’t it be great if you could run Windows 7 on your iPad or even Linux? You will be able to watch Flash videos, play games and do all the things you couldn’t with your snappy new device. Well, you can, for just $6.99.

DeviceVM has unveiled a new application called Splashtop Remote for the iPad that allows users to effortlessly access and control their PC, fully experiencing Windows remotely through an iPad. The application pairs with a free Windows application wirelessly to display your PC screen on your iPad. With Splashtop Remote, users can enjoy a rich and interactive remote PC experience that includes full real-time video and audio capabilities. For the first time, you can cuddle up with your iPad in the couch and watch movies, listen to music, access all Windows files and applications, and even play PC and Flash games remotely.


Splashtop Remote makes use of gestures to mimic mouse controls via your iPad touch screen. Tapping anything onscreen is equivalent to left-clicking. To right-click, you press and hold down. “It takes a few minutes to get used to it, but if your goal is simply to play a Web video or work on a document in Microsoft Word, Splashtop is refreshingly easy to use. It augments the iPad’s touchscreen keyboard with extra keys that perform important Windows commands such as Ctrl-C.”, wrote a New York Times blogger.


DeviceVM doesn’t tout Splashtop Remote as an on-the-road solution to connect to your home computer. You have to be within your wireless network’s range to be able to connect. The company plans to add support for roaming beyond your firewall but primarily it’s meant to be used on a local Wi-Fi network, with super-fast connection and performance.

You can read a detailed review of the application on New York Times. Or watch this impressive video demo.

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