Winners of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

Here are the results of last week’s WinX DVD Ripper Platinum giveaway contest. The following 25 contestants have won a lifetime license of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum each, a software that sells at $39.95.

  1. Kashif Iqbal Khan
  2. John
  3. Sebastian Tomb
  4. peejay
  5. gchand
  6. Mark Latimer
  7. Marcel Garling
  8. Sudharsan
  9. Joe Gemma
  10. Bala
  11. Lee Garber
  12. Nico
  13. Mike
  14. HBOY
  15. Colin Meeks
  16. Vadivelan
  17. Christian
  18. phase
  19. Thomas Blevins
  20. Will
  21. Pedro Perez-Hurtado
  22. Dave Dundas
  23. John Jeske
  24. Colin G.
  25. Burt

Congratulations to all winners and thanks to all who took part. Winners will receive their licenses by email shortly.

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