Words that Google Instant won’t auto-search

Google’s latest search incarnation Google Instant is being extra careful on what it suggests to users. Although the regular Google search offers almost uncensored suggestions and results (depending on your search preferences) the real-time version holds itself back when it detects naughty queries in order to protect users from embarrassment. Any suggestive or offensive words and words with a sexual inkling draws a blank screen, but plenty of innocent words are caught up in the filters as well.


For example, Google Instant allows you to search for "puppy" but prevents you for from getting any results for "bitch". In this case, the two words could mean the exact same thing. But Google Instant is erring on the side of caution, protecting the searcher from seeing something they may not want to see.

Website 2600.com is preparing a list of all the words that Google doesn’t offer any suggestion. At the time of this writing 289 words were compiled! The website is also taking submission from others users. So if you know any just shoot them an email.

Here are some of the words that made me chuckle

  • 4chan (is there any way to block them altogether?)
  • amateur (seriously?)
  • are (this is an interesting one. if you stick "are" after the following words, the blacklist kicks in: jews, christians, catholics born-again christians, evangelical christians, atheists, muslims, blacks, italians, mexicans, chinese, japanese, germans, arabs, french. the blacklist does NOT kick in when these words are entered before "are": terrorists, scientologists, agnostics, seventh day adventists, jehovah’s witnesses, mormons, protestants, evangelists, pentecostalists, columbians, panamanians, iranians, iraqis, koreans, persians, turks.)
  • cocaine
  • google is evil (technically, "*anything* is evil" is blocked, including "hitler is evil" which basically means the only suggestion you get after typing "hitler is" is "hitler is god")
  • hairy (huh?)
  • hate
  • hooker (for some reason, "prostitute" and "whore" are just fine, though)
  • how to kill
  • how to murder
  • I hate
  • lovemaking
  • lovers (I can understand Google blocking would-be murderers but what’s wrong with lovers and lovemaking?)
  • naked (this is not a bad word. "Naked Lunch", "Naked Chef", "Naked Brothers Band", are all blacklisted)
  • new pornographers (again, a cool band out of Canada who got axed because they clearly don’t know where to draw the line)
  • nude (again, this is not a bad word)
  • one cup two girls (LOL)
  • one guy one jar (amusingly, this appears in suggestions)
  • Pamela Anderson (oh man!)
  • Paris Hilton (I approve)
  • pedobear (oh noes!)
  • porn (it’s only the reason the entire net was created and yet it’s blacklisted here)
  • rapping women (it’s either musical bias or a really wide berth for people who don’t know how to spell)
  • schoolgirl
  • suck
  • sultry women (but apparently there’s nothing wrong with "sultry men")
  • teen (anything teens are offensive)
  • tentacle (thank you Japan)
  • two girls (all right, we know where you are going at)
  • wrapping men (??)

Checkout the complete list. Also at the end of the list is another smaller list comprising of words that are NOT blacklisted, even though they should have been, judging from the ones that are.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    one guy one jar is because it might come up with glass ass lol. If you haven't seen it..Don't.

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