Yadis Backup: Free, automatic, real-time backup software

Some data changes at such a fast rate that scheduled backups are just not enough. For example, files and documents you are currently working on changes every few seconds and even the few extra bytes created or modified in those few seconds are critical. A backup job scheduled to run at intervals cannot help you recover the lost data. In such situation you require a real-time backup solution.

Previously, I wrote about AutoVer, FileHamster and DocShield which are capable of performing real time backups. Yadis Backup is another very minimalist and simple real time backup software.


Yadis Backup sports a clean interface. Little buttons on the right lets you create and edit tasks and a wider window on the left lists all the tasks created and their status. The software employs a wizard type approcah for creating new tasks. The creation process takes you through the steps one at a time during which you are able to choose the source folder, the backup folder and set file filtering options. Yadis also supports file versioning where every change to a file is saved as a new file, along with a time stamp.

Yadis Backup runs in the background and continuously monitors the folders and files that are required to be backed up. Any changes made to these are propagated to the backup folder almost instantly. No schedule is necessary. When your backup destination isn’t available, for instance an external drive is not plugged in, Yadis remembers the changes you have made. Whenever the location becomes available Yadis starts backing up the changes.

When you need to restore a file. Just click on a task from Yadis Backup’s window and click Restore.

Download Yadis Backup

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