10 short links for today #42

After a long hiatus,

1. XKCD’s map of online communities: From which part of the Internet are you?

2. Wikipeetia – the misspelled encyclopedia, for thoes who cant spel.

3. Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator lets you generate beautiful color gradient through a Photoshop like interface, using only CSS3. Copy and paste the generated code to your stylesheet.

4. Michael Bayifier: Turn any image like it came from a Michael Bay movie. How? throw in lots of explosions, gunfire and fast cars and you’ve got it. The only missing ingredient seems to be hot chicks. Otherwise, it’s perfect.

5. If Historical Events had Facebook Statuses:


6. Fillerati: Forget Lorem ipsum. Pull excerpts from the works of famous authors such as Edgar Rice Burroughs and H. G. Wells and use them as filer text to test new designs. Also see Dummy Text Generator.

7. Common Ingredient Substitutions: Missing a ingredient on a recipe? Use a substitute. Also checkout these recipes-by-ingredients search engines.

8. Intelligent YouTube Channels is a collection of some of the most intelligent video channels on YouTube. A great place to find culturally enriching video.

9. The Tragic Death of Practically Everything – from Microsoft, Firefox, Facebook and the Mac.

10. Blurry People is perhaps best summarized as a combination of ChatRoulette and a dating site. On Blurry People, you engage in random video chats with people like you would in ChatRoulette. The significant difference here is that both video portraits start out blurred and sharpen over time as – or if – your conversation goes on.

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