Add animated, interactive charts and graphs to PowerPoint presentations

Microsoft Office products has its own charting tool, powered by Microsoft Graph – the native charting component in Microsoft’s Office suite. Microsoft Graph has been the primary tool for creating and incorporating charts in Excel, PowerPoint, Word and other Office applications. But the charts produced by Microsoft Graph are static and lack the visual bling necessary to spice up a boring presentation.


Oomfo is free add-in for PowerPoint, that promises to bring the missing oomph factor. Using oomfo (a name derived from oomph) you can create visually stunning and animated charts for your PowerPoint presentations. Unlike Microsoft Graph, which creates bitmap images of charts, oomfo produces Flash charts that are rendered using your computers Flash player. This makes oomfo charts capable of exhibiting animation and responding to user interaction. oomfo also provides innovative types of charts such as funnel chart, waterfall chart, logarithmic charts etc.

Oomfo uses a simple wizard interface that walks you through the various steps (checkout the video above). There are dozens of different charts and animations to choose from. The flexibility and customizability is exceptional – you can customize every single element of the graph to match your presentation style. You can also configure animation sequence for various parts of a chart.

Oomfo is powered by FusionCharts, an open source data visualization app for web applications. The add-in supports Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010. As the visualization depends on flash, it requires Adobe Flash Player to view the chart.

Oomfo is a fantastic addon for Microsoft PowerPoint. A truly must-have.

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