AllMyNotes Organizer: Personal information manager [time limited giveaway]

AllMyNotes Organizer is a powerful personal information manager that allows you to centrally store and organize all your notes – whether it be shopping lists, contact list, to-do list, diary, financial records, project plans or practically anything that can be written down.

AllMyNotes Organizer saves your notes in virtual folders which can be organized in the form of a tree structure, making it easy to view and access. A folder can contain multiple folders within it and each folder can be associated with a different icon to make them easy to identify. Even whole groups can be marked with a different background colour. Further, a built in search feature allows you to quickly find your notes, if you’ve created plenty of them.


The text area, where you write the notes, is not a simple text editor. Rather it is full fledged rich text editor with spell checker, embedded hyperlink and file attachment capability. You can even insert checkboxes into your notes turning them into effective to-do lists.


You can set reminders and alarms for important appointments and events on AllMyNotes Organizer. These reminders can be set to repeat at daily, monthly, yearly or on certain dates at a certain time of day.

Other features:

  • Strong Security: All stored files are Encrypted using a 1800-bit key. You can even restrict access to individual folders with password.
  • Powerful Global Search feature with wildcards
  • Folder Preview allows you to peek into the content of a folder without opening it
  • Automatic storage data file backup. You can schedule backups to happen every number of minutes, or on exiting from the application. Backup files do not overwrite one another, which allows keeping history of your backups.
  • Integrated Password Generator lets you create complex passwords for use in websites
  • Import and export notes to to RTF, HTML, and TXT file formats.

AllMyNotes Organizer is available as a free version and a Deluxe (paid) version. When you install AllMyNotes Organizer, the software allows you to test the Deluxe features for 14 days at the end of which the software reverts to the free version. The free edition is missing some of the pro features but in the end it is still an amazing software.

Now here is a good news: Until Oct 25, Monday, AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe Version 1.37, which is one edition earlier than the most recent version, is being given away for free. To get this software, visit the promotion page, fill and submit the form to receive the license key.

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