Bynamite tells you what advertisers know about you

For those who take Internet privacy seriously, there is tool called Bynamite that allows you to see and control what information advertisers collect about you. The tool, which is available as an extension for Firefox and Chrome, aggregates information advertisers have collected about you by scanning your browser’s cache and presents the information in an easily managed personal profile.

Once Bynamite has collected all of your data, it allows you to delete any interests it has found so you no longer receive ads about that topic. You can also have Bynamite notify you when new interests are collected, and receive email alerts about new inclusions. Interestingly, Bynamite even allows you to add your own interest. So practically, you can alter what the advertisers think they know about you. Talk about laying false trails!


The tool manages over a hundred ad networks, and communicates your "opt-out" preferences to all these networks.

We tell all advertisers that if they want to use your information, they can only do so if they give you the ability to control information they have about you. Advertisers that respect your control get to work with you. Advertisers that don’t give you control will not be allowed to use your information – we’ll opt you out of their networks.

Bynamite hopes to reshape online advertising by setting up a new relationship between advertisers and consumers. Most consumers are unaware of the potential monetary value of their personal information. Bynamite seeks to educate them and get companies to give rewards and discounts to consumers that actively provide information on their interests and buying habits.

That is definitely a radical thinking.

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    installed & can't figure out how to use it

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