DropItToMe: Securely receive files from anyone to your Dropbox account

A while back I published an article covering the several different options we had that allowed anybody to upload files to your Dropbox account, without going through hassles of setting up folder shares and without compromising the security of your Dropbox account. A new service called DropItToMe has extended our collection by one.

After you have registered at DropItToMe, and authorized the application to access your Dropbox account, a new folder called DROPitTOme will added within your Dropbox account. You will be also given a unique upload address (www.dropitto.me/username) that leads to a password protected page. When you need to receive a file from somebody, send this link along with the password.


The user enters the password and uploads the file via the upload box. These files then appear in the DropItToMe folder in your account.

You can remove DROPitTOme at any time from your Dropbox account by visiting:

At the moment the maximum file upload size is 75MB. And yes, it’s free.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Nice service this DropBox! But until this service won't increase its storage volume – more than 2 Gb – will not massively be used!

  2. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    You get additional 250MB for each person you refer, up to 8GB extra. That is 2GB+8GB = 10GB.

    Then, there are paid plans too.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Does it look it like I wouldn't have known about that bonus?! What I am talking about it's about the basic storage volume… nothing else! Nobody cares about that bonus! I must have been at least 5 Gb basic storage. What I am saying is that 2 Gb it's not enough!

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