FB-Secure: Configure Facebook application permission during installation

Most Facebook applications request rights to access different user information during installation. Some apps may request for basic information necessary for them to function properly, while many requests additional rights which aren’t needed for their functionality, like automatically posting on the walls of your friends.

The problem is that you cannot selectively block access rights to these application during install. You either allow access to all request or none. You can however edit the access rights of the applications after it is installed from the application settings. 

FB-Secure is a Firefox extension that allows the user to edit access rights of a Facebook application during installation. Whenever you are about to install a Facebook application, FB-Secure will detect the different permissions the apps requested and inform you about them. It will also provide you with data to help you make your decision.


Even though it is the same settings that is available under the application settings page, FB-Secure makes them easier to access. Additionally it saves you an extra step. In fact, most people don’t even bother changing permissions settings after installing an app. FB-Secure is the perfect tool for such people who want to protect their privacy without putting too much effort.

[via Ghacks]

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