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Giveaway: Prayaya V3 - Portable Virtual Operating System

Prayaya V3 is a virtual operating system that you can run from a removable drive such a USB stick to launch a self-contained environment - which we commonly refer to as a ‘sandboxed’ system. Within this sandbox a user can install application software without making any changes to the host operating system. This enables Prayaya V3 to be used as a test bed for untrusted or beta software. Prayaya V3 also enables users to carry a complete desktop environment, along with their stuff such as software and files, on a USB Flash drive and use it from any computer.

Prayaya V3 can be installed on a hard disk or any removable storage devices. Since the software itself is portable, it doesn’t matter where you install it. To move Prayaya V3 from one location to another, just copy or move the entire installation folder to the new location.


If you install it on your hard disk, you will be able to install and run software, manage your files, folders, bookmarks, desktop settings on a virtualized environment independent of the host computer. If you install it on a removable device, you will be able to carry your own personal system and software with you. You can even customize the desktop and the start menu and access it from any computer.

Once Prayaya V3 is launched, a new Windows Desktop with its own wallpaper, icons, shell, etc. is started up in the virtualized Prayaya V3 environment. Any application that runs inside this environment runs off the USB device without affecting the file system of the host. On the top of the screen is a floating toolbar that allows quick switching between the host environment and the Prayaya V3 environment.


The Prayaya V3 environment is like a completely new system – you get a new start menu, a new taskbar, a new desktop and Documents folder. Any application you wish to run inside Prayaya V3 will have to installed even if it is already installed in the host system, because Prayaya V3 is isolated from the host. Once all applications have been installed, you are ready to take your system around with you.

The most significant advantage of Prayaya V3 over other portable system Ceedo and U3 is the compatiblity with applications installation. Other portable launchers require you to get the portable edition of applications you wish to run, but with Prayaya V3, you could install almost any software - even non-portable ones - such as Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk or MS Office. This is possible because Prayaya V3 comes with a mini Windows installation, maintains its own System directory and keeps its registry on the portable device. More than 500,000 applications are supported by Prayaya V3.

Prayaya V3 is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, and Windows 7.


Prayaya V3 is a commercial software that costs $49 per license, but we have 10 licenses exclusively for Instant Fundas readers. Like always, there are no special requirements to enter this giveaway -  just leave your name and email ID in the form below. Winners will be chosen by a random draw.

The contest ends on October 12.

Meanwhile, you can download Prayaya V3 from their website. They have a 30-days trial version available.

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