Google launches streaming Bollywood music service in India

Google India, in partnership with, SaReGaMa and, today launched a free music search portal at that allows users to search and listen to almost any Hindi music. The best part is that the service is not restricted to Indian users – anybody can use the search engine, even outside India. Search results can be streamed instantly and free of charge in a pop-up Web player no matter where the user is located geographically.


The collection is pretty vast and encompasses both new and old songs. I was actually surprised at how recent the collection is. You can search by the song title, the name of the movie, artist or even by the name of actors who were part of the movie. As with Google search, the music search engine too offers several enhancement that allows you to restrict your search to particular year or artist.


Google does not host the music; they are streamed directly from their partners’ servers. The service does not offer the option to download music directly and there is no way to buy music from the site either.

The move by Google is expected to help combat the rampant piracy in the Indian music industry.

[via Google India Blog]

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